Some of my projects I've been working on during these years.

This page is still under construction. If it looks incomplete, it's because it is.

Habitación 8

Art by Lucho Volke / Story by Lucho Volke & Kartily

Meet Paulette, a young freelance artist, now living all alone for pursuing the artists' dream. With a bag full of dreams and moka as fuel, she has to deal with less than pleasant costumers and pretty late payments. Everything was quite normal, until one faithful day, when a surprise guest arrives home... a creature with a uncanny resemblance to one of her own OCs. And now that creature lives with her.

Originally produced in 2013-2014, it is currently being rereleased by Milcacómic on Instagram (Spanish only). Future releases may come soon.

Rosette the dragonet

Script and colors by Lira Kraunik / Art by Lucho Volke (S1) and Underkactus (S2)

When Mercy changes schools she doesn’t expect one of her new classmates to be a huge fire-breathing reptile. Will they be friends or foes?

Read on Tapas


Script and art by Lucho Volke

A bunch of nerds trying to stop some malicious virus.

Read on Faneo (Spanish)