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Various graphic pieces I've made over the years for diverse projects.

Guest artist in books

Femme Fatale (2019)

Nati Chuleta • Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial

Illustration as a guest artist for the book Femme Fatale by Nati Chuleta, published in Chile by Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial through Random Comics.

Postcards in Braille (2017)

Coni Yovaniniz • Self-published

Illustration as a guest artist for the book Postcards in Braille by Coni Yovaniniz, print edition of the namesake webcomic, funded in Kickstarter.

Día del Cómic Chileno (2018)

Regional library, Puerto Montt.

Thematic expo organized by Corporación Milcacómic in Puerto Montt, celebrating the publication of the first comic in Chile. In my case, I illustrated Condorito, created by Pepo.

Dragon Ball Expo (2016)

Juventud Providencia, Santiago de Chile.

Expo with reinterpretations of the chapters from Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama. My illustration was about the chapter "Oolong the Terrible".

Chilean Pokédex Project (2014-2017)

Instituto Profesional Santo Tomás, Santiago de Chile.

Collective project where each artist had to make an illustration of a Pokémon. I participated in the first three editions, spanning the regions of Kanto, Johto and Hoenn. The first two editions had a physical gallery at Instituto Profesional Santo Tomás in Santiago de Chile.

Saint Seiya Expo Chile (2014)

Café Cómics, Santiago de Chile.

Thematic expo about Saint Seiya by Masami Kurumada. My illustration depicted Libra Dohko.

ExpoMonos '80s (2014)

Juventud Providencia, Santiago de Chile.

Thematic expo about cartoons from the eighties (at least broadcasted in Chile during the eighties). My piece was about Maya the Honey Bee, anime by NET (now TV Asahi) based on the works by Waldemar Bonsels.

Expo Colectiva Ilustración (2012)

Centro Cultural Casa Negra, Puerto Montt.

Expo that reunited different artists from southern Chile.


Lisa Loud (2016)

Fanart of Lisa Loud, from Nickelodeon’s series “The Loud House”. This fanart was shared by Dana Vazquez Eberhardt (at that time Manager of Current Series at Nick), and commented by Lara Jill Miller (voice actress of Lisa Loud) and Cristina Pucelli (voice actress of Luan Loud).