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Habitación 8

Paulette Fontova

A young freelance artist, now living all alone for pursuing the artists' dream. With a bag full of dreams and moka as fuel, she has to deal with less than pleasant costumers and pretty late payments. Everything was quite normal, until one faithful day, when a surprise guest arrives home... a creature with a uncanny resemblance to one of her own OCs. And now that creature lives with her.


No one knows how he appeared in Paulette's life, but he looks like one of the doodles she made one night. Quite childish, hyperactive at some moments and a couch potato at some others. Tends to speak in pop culture references, some of them pretty outdated. He can only be seen by Paulette and her closest friends.

Carla Galzagorri

Paulette's long time best friend, coming from Spain. An avid photographer with an eye for fashion. Her wardrobe is the envy of many out there (author included). Fluent in both Spanish and Catalan, she tends to weaponize the latter for rambling without being caught.

Stefano Rabatti

Barista at Azúcar y Cacao, a local café, which Paulette happens to be a frequent customer of. More than a barista, he tends to be the everyman of the place. A total nervous wreck, with a huge burden of expectation over his shoulders. He's trying his best.

Así como la ves


The protagonist. Quite cheerful and athletic. She's currently finishing her studies as an English teacher. She wears glasses since she was a little kid.


Alondra's friend and classmate. A fashionista and music lover, she aims to use music (specially her favorite music) as a teaching tool. Number one fan of Rocío's designs.


Fashion designer on the rise. Alondra's friend since high school, and Mónica's friend since elementary; all three met in Alondra's birthday some years ago, and thus a group of friends was born. They managed to get her a workshop at the same school they're working, and now they meet everyday.



Co-founder of the group, and the smallest member (in terms of size). The most cheerful and apassionate of the group, always eager to create stuff. His family lends their home to the group's headquarters.


The other cofounder, and second-in-charge. Commonly considered as the boss, although Cyberboard is a horizontal organization. Well, she's kinda the boss, helping to ground the ideas. Without her, there would be more chaos than there is already.


Programmer and webmaster. He does the silent job in the group, and he's giving his best, so please be patient.


The hardware guy. Everything nuts and bolts is his job. He even has his own custom gloves, so he's up to everything.