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This is the place where all my comics are listed, whether they are personal projects or for other stuff. There's also a character sheet below.

Original concept and art by Lucho Volke
Script by Lucho Volke (Ch.1) and Kartily (Ch.2 onwards)

Meet Paulette, a young freelance artist, now living all alone for pursuing the artists' dream. With a bag full of dreams and moka as fuel, she has to deal with less than pleasant costumers and pretty late payments. Everything was quite normal, until one fateful day, when a surprise guest arrives home... a creature with a uncanny resemblance to one of her own OCs. And now that creature lives with her.

Related projects

Script and art by Lucho Volke

Cyberboard is a group of four computer geeks without major pretensions, just living their lifes as tech lovers. But everything changes when a strange virus bricks all computers around. They will go from regular nerds to nerds that can save the day. A story inspired by early-oughts technology.

Related projects

Original concept and script by Lira Kraunik
Art by Lucho Volke (Part I) and Underkactus (Part II), among others

When Mercy changes schools she doesn’t expect one of her new classmates to be a huge fire-breathing reptile. Will they be friends or foes?

Projects for Milcacómic

Corporación Milcacómic is a group of artists from southern Chile, of which I am member since 2016. These are my collaborations for diverse projects.

Year Story Fanzine
2022 Fanático... con lag Milcacómic Game System
2022 Sémola con leche Del papel a la mesa
2022 Rojo impulsivo Cuentos bajo la lluvia
2022 Aserrín aserrán Cuentos de San Juan
2021 La isla Friendship (script by Kartily) Cuentos de la urbe
2020 Este material les va a encantar Fan-cine
2019 El anime y tú Este no es un fanzine otaku

Other comic projects

Guest artist in comics

Ex Casona #8 (2019)

Original comic by Daniel Rosales (Ex Casona)

We live in a society, indeed...

The Lonely Moon (2015)

Original webcomic by Lira Kraunik

A cute hide-and-seek game between Maddi, Violet and Chewie. With cheats enabled.

Postcards in Braille (2015)

Original webcomic by Coni Yovaniniz

Sigma will have to change his cane for the tongue clicks. Thanks, Rho...

Gallery shows

Expo Ogú y Mampato: Homenaje a Themo Lobos (2015)

Instituto Profesional Santo Tomás, Santiago de Chile.

A collab project where various Chilean artists had to remake each one a page of Kilikilis y Golagolas, the first story of Las aventuras de Ogú, Mampato y Rena by Themo Lobos.